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We have prepared a list of questions frequently asked by our users (FAQ). If you have a question, make sure you checked FAQ first. The possibility is high it is already answered.


Finding more information in Help

Both CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad include built-in Help. In CoLocalizer Pro for Mac Help can be accessed under the Help menu. In CoLocalizer for iPad, open the image and then tap Settings > Help. Handy tips for both apps are also available.


Syncing with iCloud

CoLocalizer images are synchronized automatically across all your devices via and stored in iCloud Drive.  For this functionality to work, you need installed iOS 8 and newer on your iPad(s) and OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) and newer on your Mac(s) and have any version of CoLocalizer for iPad and CoLocalizer Pro 5 and newer for Mac.


Opening files

CoLocalizer apps can open RGB files in the most popular file formats, such as TIFF, JPEG,  and PNG. They don't work with grayscale images. The use of lossless TIFF is strongly recommended to ensure the reliability of calculations. CoLocalizer Pro supports proprietary file formats from all major microscope manufacturers and a biological image data standard:


Video tutorials

CoLocalizer Pro video tutorials take you through the steps needed to properly quantify colocalization in your fluorescence microscopy images.


Digging in the details with User Guide

Free CoLocalizer for iPad User Guide eBook is available from the Apple Books Store.


Release Notes

Wonder when a particular feature was introduced and what was changed? Read the release notes for CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad.


News and insights

One of the most exciting places on CoLocalization Research Software web site is the blog. It contains valuable information about colocalization, press releases, insights into CoLocalizer features, and many other related things.


If something doesn’t work

If you experience unexpected issues with CoLocalizer Pro app, it is possible that its preference file is corrupted. To check it, go to Users>yourUserName>Library>Preferences and locate the com.CRS-CoLocalizer.Pro.plist file. Move this file out of the Preferences folder. Then, start the app. If no issues remain, delete the moved .plist file. It was causing the issues. To access the Library folder, press and hold the Option (Alt) key and click the Go menu in the Finder. You will find the Library folder there.


CoLocalizer for iPad Terms of Use

CoLocalizer for iPad Terms of Use can be found here.

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