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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CoLocalizer?

CoLocalizer is a pixel-based quantitative colocalization analysis app used for estimating the degree of colocalization of fluorescence markers in microscopy images. It is available in Mac (CoLocalizer Pro) and iPad (CoLocalizer) versions.


What is CoLocalizer Pro for Mac?

CoLocalizer Pro is a professional version of CoLocalizer. It combines the power of its unique background correction tools with implementation of the already established algorithms to estimate colocalization quantitatively.


What is CoLocalizer for iPad?

CoLocalizer for iPad is a mobile version of CoLocalizer. It makes quantification of colocalization on your fluorescence microscopy images easy and quick. CoLocalizer Pro for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad work jointly. CoLocalizer for iPad opens images stored on your device or in iCloud.


How do I use CoLocalizer?

The app is very easy to use:

1. Open image and correct its background.

2. Select ROI and calculate coefficients.

3. Export results.


May I skip the background correction step and go straight to calculation of colocalization coefficients?

No, you should never skip this step because it is essential. If you do, a warning will appear reminding you to correct the background.


What is your licensing policy?

Licenses of both CoLocalizer Pro  for Mac and CoLocalizer for iPad are subscription-based.  Users of previous versions of CoLocalizer Pro for Mac can use  the software for as long as they want, but support for them is limited. Once you’ve upgraded to the latest version, your license becomes subscription-based. If you do not want to use subscription licensing, do not download and install the newer versions.


How much does CoLocalizer cost?

CoLocalizer subscriptions  are available in 1-, 6-, and 12-Month versions and cost $299, $499, and $699, respectively, for Mac version, and $99, $149, and $199, respectively, for iPad version.


Can I try CoLocalizer Pro before I buy it?

You surely can, and we recommend that you do. The trial is free and can be activated after downloading and installing CoLocalizer Pro software on your Mac. It is limited to five sessions.  Note that any data obtained during the trial cannot be used for presentation and publication without purchasing the full license. CoLocalizer for iPad is a free download from Apple App Store. You can download sample images and evaluate the app on them. To examine colocalization on custom images, you need to purchase subscription.


What is the proper way to cite CoLocalizer software in my publications?

You should include app name (CoLocalizer Pro for Mac or/and CoLocalizer for iPad), its version,  company name (CoLocalization Research Software), and its URL (


Will you release CoLocalizer Pro for Windows?

CoLocalizer leverages modern programming technologies available exclusively for the Mac computers, which makes it  virtually impossible to create a similar Windows version without sacrificing software functionality. 


If you still have questions after reading these FAQ, please use the Provide Feedback menu item under the Help menu in CoLocalizer Pro or contact us via the Contact form.

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