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CoLocalizer Pro for Mac Release Notes


CoLocalizer Pro 5.3.4 (2018.06.13)

Reduced the number of scattergram in image scale options when exporting data from 5 to 3.

Reduced the number of scattergram in image placement options when exporting data from 4 to 2.

Updated toolbar tooltips.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.3.3 (2018.05.17)

Renamed presets for background correction to Low Noise, Average Noise, and High Noise for better understanding of their use.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.3.2 (2018.04.30)

Zero histogram values of channels are not displayed now.

Improved histogram appearance.

Made various improvements of performance.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.3.1 (2018.04.20)

Improved wording of alerts.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.3 (2018.04.18)

Made more reliable algorithm for revealing colocalized pixels.

Scattergram is now presented as heatmap.

When revealing colocalized pixels, scattergram now shows the area where colocalized pixels are located.

When quantifying colocalization, image is now shown according to the pair of selected channels instead of three channels as it was before.

Fixed an issue when label displaying size of selected ROI could go beyond the main window when resizing it.

About Box now shows expiration date of the license.

Reorganized contents of default toolbar.

Reorganized Help menu items.

Made minor UI updates.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.2.3 (2018.03.02)

When merging stacks images, slices are now preserved.

When splitting stacks images, slices are now preserved.

Fixed an issue when newly merged files could not be analyzed without first saving them.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.2.2 (2018.01.05)

Added and updated various tooltips.

Added keyboard shortcut for exporting images in different file formats: Command-E.

Made Background Correction panel more compact.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.2.1 (2017.11.22)

Updated several tooltips of toolbar icons and items in Colocalization window.

Fixed an issue when glossary pages in Help were opening in browser instead of in Help viewer on macOS 10.13 High Sierra.

Made minor UI tweaks.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.2 (2017.09.20)

Introducing Smart Background Correction: it is now possible to correct background regardless of the properties of Selected ROI and properly compare results from different experiments.

Enabled export of files in .colocalizer format: File > Export As... > CoLocalizer.

Changed the way how applied background correction settings are displayed in the Inspector.

Changed the way how file path is displayed in the Inspector.

Fixed an issue when title in the Background Correction panel of stacks images was not updated to indicate the number of the moved slice.

Fixed an issue when .colocalizer file was not created properly when user wasn't signed in to iCloud account.

Fixed minor compatibility issues on OS X 10.10 and 10.11.

Now requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or newer.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.1 (2017.07.07)

Redesigned Background Correction panel.

Removed the option to correct background using background ROI.

Background correction and histogram display are now performed using Core Image Filter to achieve significantly higher performance.

Made more intelligent zoom, max zoom is upped to 1000% to be on par with iOS version.

Rotation and flipping are now synced between devices.

Improved appearance of thumbnails in slice navigator.

Added Yosemite-like vibrancy appearance of the slice navigator background.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.0.3 (2017.05.31)

Improved reliability of Handoff.

Refreshed several graphics elements.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.0.2 (2017.05.16)

Fixed an issue when channel pairs in the Background Correction panel were sometimes difficult to change.

Added tooltips for items in Side View Inspector.

Made various UI tweaks.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.0.1 (2017.04.22)

Fixed an issue when file creation and modification dates were not properly displayed in the Inspector.


CoLocalizer Pro 5.0 (2017.04.18)

Full compatibility with iCloud, keeps all image files used for colocalization analysis updated on all your Macs and the forthcoming version of CoLocalizer for iPad.

Image files used for analysis with CoLocalizer Pro can now be saved in its own file format.

Now uses non-destructive editing, get back to the original image file at anytime, if needed.

Image files with extension .colocalizer can be opened in CoLocalizer Pro directly when sent as email attachments.

When changing the sequence of slices in stacks images, the numbers of original slices are now preserved.


CoLocalizer Pro 4.1.1 (2017.03.06)

Made improvements related to licensing.


CoLocalizer Pro 4.1 (2017.02.09)

Completely re-written functionality for viewing stacks images.

It is now possible to deselect all selected slices in stacks images, if needed: Edit > Deselect All.


CoLocalizer Pro 4.0.1 (2017.02.01)

Rotation and flipping of opened image is now possible if user decides to go back to the main window again after accessing Colocalization sheet and performing calculations.

Width of Side Inspector is now non-resizable.

Improved reliability of showing extensions of proprietary file formats in Side View Inspector.

Added fading animation when clearing selected ROI.

Fixed an issue when histogram for slices in stacks images in the new Side Inspector was not updated.

Fixed an issue when color pair channels in the Background Correction panel were displayed in the wrong sequence in some cases.


CoLocalizer Pro 4.0 (2017.01.25)

Significantly improved Selection tool. ROI selections are now resizable and indicate pixel dimensions of selected areas. In addition to the application menu, selection of ROI types is now possible from the toolbar menu as well.

Reorganized Histogram and Inspector panels by incorporating them into the main application window as parts of a new Side View Inspector.

Simplified and improved the appearance of Histogram.

Changed the name of Manual background correction option using ROI from "Selected ROI" to "Background ROI".

Changed Colocalization window to a sheet so that it is always confined to the main application window.

Pixel Information area of Colocalization sheet now shows info about Selected ROI and Image instead of Selected ROI and Scattergram ROI as it was previously.

Synchronized selection of color channel pairs between Background Correction panel and Colocalization sheet.

Simplified tooltips of coefficients in Colocalization sheet.

Removed the Calculate button in Colocalization sheet under the Selected ROI tab as it seemed obsolete: the values of selected ROI coefficients are now displayed instantly when the sheet pops down.

Removed the Calculate button in Colocalization sheet under the Scattergram tab as it seemed obsolete: the values of scattergram coefficients are now displayed instantly when the tab is opened.

Removed options to select Scattergram ROI and reveal selected on Scattergram pixels.

Colocalized pixels are now shown in the Selected ROI Preview portion of the image in Colocalization sheet instead of the main window as it was previously.

Removed option to export scattergram in image with Selected ROI.

Removed option to export image with Selected ROI.

Improved layout of the Export sheet.

Made various improvements of performance.

Updated ROI selection menu and Flip icons.

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