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 Expand your research by analyzing colocalization on the mobile

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Enjoy the portability of the tablet to analyze your images wherever you go, whenever you like.

Use Desktop-Class tools

CoLocalizer for iPad Background Correction Icon
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Background correction

Like a Mac version, CoLocalizer for iPad removes noise in fluorescence images using the procedure called background correction.

Powerful selection

Employs flexible selection tools for delimiting the area of user’s interest to contextualize colocalization analysis. You can perform quantification in the selected specific area without analyzing the whole image.

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Colocalization is estimated by calculating the values of specialized coefficients. Colocalized pixels can be viewed at their genuine locations in the image.

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Use iCloud to access images

iCloud support lets you open images on your iPad. It will sync images between your iPad and your Mac and allow CoLocalizer work seamlessly between the devices. So, you can start examining them on iPad and continue right where you left off on your Mac. And vice versa. Or, you can store images in iCloud Drive so that you can access them anywhere, even on a PC.

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iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive support lets you easily access all your images on any device you want.


Start analyzing on your Mac and continue right where you left off on your iPad.

Leverage native design

Created specifically for iOS, CoLocalizer takes full advantage of its latest features and technologies. So you can enjoy innovative, fast, and powerful tools, intuitive user interface, and state-of-the-art performance.

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CoLocalizer for iPad works simultaneously with any other app using Slide Over or Split View.

64-bit architecture

Based on a 64-bit architecture, CoLocalizer for iPad gives you desktop-class image analyzing performance.

Hardware compatibility

12.9-inch iPad Pro 3rd generation

11-inch iPad Pro

12.9-inch iPad Pro 2nd generation

12.9-inch iPad Pro 1st generation

10.5-inch iPad Pro

9.7-inch iPad Pro

iPad Air 2

iPad 5th-6th generation

iPad mini 4

For best performance, we recommend using iPad Pros.

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CoLocalizer for iPad

Free download, in-app purchasing

Download CoLocalizer from the Apple App Store for free. Buy its license by choosing from the following types:

1-Month – $99

6-Month – $149

12-Month – $199


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