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CoLocalizer for iPad is a mobile version of CoLocalizer Pro for Mac. It gives everything you need to analyze colocalization in your fluorescence microscopy images on the go. It also allows working seamlessly between your Mac and iPad without sacrificing software functionality and ensures access to your data from anywhere, even on a PC.

Flexible Tools

Full compatibility between Macs and iPads.

CoLocalizer for iPad Background Correction Icon

Background correction

Remove unwanted pixels.

Just like a Mac version, CoLocalizer for iPad corrects images by removing pixels of unwanted pixels from the count to ensure that they do not contribute to potentially erroneous results.

CoLocalizer for iPad ROI Selection Icon

Powerful selection

Select exactly what you are looking for.

CoLocalizer for iPad employs powerful and flexible selection tools for delimiting the area of user’s interest to contextualize colocalization analysis. You can quantify colocalization in the carefully selected specific area without analyzing the whole image.

CoLocalizer for iPad Quantify Colocalization Icon


Let numbers do the work.

 Colocalization is estimated objectively by calculating the values of specialized coefficients. Colocalized pixels can be viewed at their genuine locations in the image.

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iCloud Support

Achieve consistency on all your devices.

iCloud support lets you analyze images on both Mac and iPad. It will always keep them up to date and let CoLocalizer work seamlessly between the devices. So, you can start examining them on iPad and continue right where you left off on your Mac. And vice versa. Or, you can store images in iCloud Drive so that you can access them anywhere, even on a PC.

CoLocalizer for iPad iCloud Drive Icon
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iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive support lets you easily access all of your images on any device you want.


Start analyzing on your Mac and continue right where you left off on your iPad.

Designed for iOS

Harness latest mobile technologies.

Designed exclusively for iOS, CoLocalizer takes full advantage of the latest iOS features and technologies. So you can enjoy innovative, fast, and powerful tools, intuitive user interface, and state-of-the-art performance.

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Work with CoLocalizer for iPad and any other app simultaneously with Slide Over or Split View.

64-bit architecture

Based on 64-bit architecture, CoLocalizer for iPad gives you desktop-class image analyzing performance.

Hardware compatibility

CoLocalizer for iPad is compatible with iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 1-4, and iPad Pros. For best performance we recommend using iPad Pros.

CoLocalizer for iPad App Icon

CoLocalizer for iPad

Free download, in-app purchasing

CoLocalizer is available via App Store as a free download. If it suits your needs, you are welcome to purchase its license. The license is subscription-based and is available in the following types:

1-Month for $99, 6-Month for $149, and 12-Month for $199.

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