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CoLocalizer for iPad Release Notes


CoLocalizer  1.4.5 (2018.06.13)

Made minor UI enhancements.


CoLocalizer  1.4.4 (2018.05.18)

Renamed presets for background correction to Low Noise, Average Noise, and High Noise for better understanding of their use.

• Improved graphics.


CoLocalizer  1.4.3 (2018.05.01)

• Zero histogram values of channels are not displayed now.

• Improved histogram appearance.


CoLocalizer  1.4.2 (2018.04.26)

• Made minor UI changes.


CoLocalizer  1.4.1 (2018.03.31)

• Made tweaks to the algorithm for revealing colocalized pixels.

• Made minor UI improvements.


CoLocalizer  1.4 (2018.03.20)

• Made more reliable algorithm for revealing colocalized pixels.

• Scattergram is now presented as heatmap.

• When revealing colocalized pixels, scattergram now shows the area where colocalized pixels are located.

• When quantifying colocalization, image is now shown according to the pair of selected channels instead of three channels as it was before.

• Improved UI when downloading sample images.

• Refreshed several graphics elements.

• Improved wording of some alerts.


CoLocalizer  1.3.3 (2017.12.06)

• Fixed an issue when label displaying size of selected ROI could go beyond the screen when resizing it.

• Fixed a previously introduced issue when app didn't exit Edit mode on Image Manager screen after deleting selected images.

• Made various UI enhancements.


CoLocalizer  1.3.2 (2017.12.01)

• Re-worked export based on changes in file management in iOS11.

• Improved layout of export popovers in Slide Over view.

• Fixed an error issue when exporting in Slide Over view.

• Simplified the Reveal Colocalized Pixels functionality: it is no longer necessary to tap on screen to view colocalized pixels, just use the Reveal Colocalized Pixels switcher for instant display.

• Color Picker has now different respective titles when it is used in the Settings for setting Selected ROI border color and on Quantify Colocalization screen for revealing colocalized pixels.

• Made various UI enhancements.


CoLocalizer  1.3.1 (2017.11.23)

• Improved speed of Help popover loading.

• When image with selected ROI is returned to Image Manager Screen and then re-opened, ROI selection is now cleared.

• Improved reliability of Conflict Resolver when images were modified on different devices when offline.


CoLocalizer  1.3 (2017.11.16)

• Enabled push notifications.

• Improved loading of sample images when one or several of them were previously deleted.

• Fixed zoom issue when opening Quantify Colocalization and Select ROI screens.

• Fixed an issue when glossary pages in Help were opening in browser instead of in Help popover on iOS 11.


CoLocalizer  1.2 (2017.11.10)

• Introducing Smart Background Correction: it is now possible to correct background regardless of the properties of Selected ROI and properly compare results from different experiments.

• Improved animation when selecting thumbnails on Image Manager screen.

• Improved 10.5-inch iPad Pro compatibility.

• CoLocalizer files in iCloud Drive are now displayed as image thumbnails.

• Fixed an issue when changes of file name were not reflected on CoLocalizer on iPad when they were made on CoLocalizer Pro on Mac.

• Fixed an issue when .colocalizer file sent as email attachment could not be opened in CoLocalizer.

• Made various compatibility adjustments and fixes for iOS 11.


CoLocalizer  1.1.1 (2017.07.07)

• Improved layout of Export popovers in Slide Over View.

• Rotation and flipping are now synced between devices.

• Made minor UI tweaks.


CoLocalizer  1.1 (2017.06.22)

• Added controller for resolving conflicts when syncing between devices.

• Added support for undo by shaking.

• Added 3D Rotation animation of background correction presets thumbnails.

• Updated Tool Tips.

• Improved overall stability.

• Made various UI tweaks.


CoLocalizer  1.0.1 (2017.05.31)

• Improved reliability of Handoff.


CoLocalizer  1.0 (2017.05.07)

• Initial Release.

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