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CoLocalizer Pro 5.4 Supports Dark Mode


CoLocalizer Pro 5.4 is Super Cool in Dark Mode.

For quite some time, apps with black/dark UI gained popularity among many users. It was believed that dark windows look more professional and help to draw attention on the content you’re working on by putting distractions in the background. In addition, black is often associated with elegance, prestige, and power. 


Apple addressed the issue of dark UI by introducing system-wide Dark Mode in macOS 10.14 (Mojave). If you like Dark Mode and have Mojave installed, CoLocalizer Pro will follow the system theme color.  You will be also able to customize the Accent and Highlight colors.


To take full advantage of Dark Mode, we didn’t just took the available system feature for granted but redesigned the majority of CoLocalizer Pro interface elements to be fully compliant.


To enable Dark Mode in macOS 10.14,  go to System Preferences  > General and select the Dark Appearance. Support for Dark Mode is free to all active subscribers of CoLocalizer Pro for Mac - just use auto-updater to download and install a new version and enjoy the new look.

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