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After working around the clock for the past half a year, we are proud to say that CoLocalizer Pro 3 is finally here – and it's the release you’ll definitely appreciate! To ensure that CoLocalizer Pro is not only contemporary and powerful but also has the potential to grow, we’ve decided to rewrite it from the ground up. We’ve also added a number of exciting new features.

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The biggest new feature is Stacks. Users can now view, select, and examine colocalization on stacks of images. Selected ROI and corrected background in one slice can be applied to the whole stack. If needed, a single slice within a stack can be examined too.


Another important new feature is Autosave and Versions. Thanks to Autosave functionality, the image you are analyzing is saved continuously. As a result, not only your work is always backed up, but you can view all previous versions of the file and even revert back, if necessary. No more confusion with applied to images settings, just browse through versions, find the one you are looking for, and repeat calculations when required.


We were frequently asked to simplify the process of transferring files from microscopes to CoLocalizer for analysis. CoLocalizer Pro 3 helps with this too by letting users Import images from microscopes directly. Forget about lost USB sticks with precious images. Just connect your Mac to the microscope, easily import images, and analyze them right in CoLocalizer.


Due to the massive extent of work required for its development, CoLocalizer Pro 3 is a paid upgrade. For details about pricing, visit our web store. Users who purchased CoLocalizer Pro before May 2014, are eligible for 30% discount. Just send us an email with your previous purchase information and we’ll issue a discount coupon.

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