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“You have to pick carefully”



A considerable portion of our users’ feedback is about feature suggestions and requests. This is quite understandable and echoes what others, much larger than us, companies say. Some of their suggestions are better than others, some collide, but one thing is certain - we evaluate them all.

CoLocalizer Pick Next Feature Carefully

Although adding new features to improve computer software may seem like a no-brainer to users, in reality, it is absolutely a different story for us, creators, genuinely striving to achieve the best possible results. There are numerous examples when careless adding of new features without examining their impact and rethinking functionality of the final product made software slow, bloated, and blurred its focus. Originality and balance of features, rather than their quantity, make software great. Thus, we always try to responsibly examine the pros and cons of adding any new functionality.


To stand a chance to be implemented, a possible new CoLocalizer feature must pass (with “A”) three tests:


Only after that, we’ll consider working on it. Because, as Steve Jobs once said, “You have to pick carefully. Innovation is saying no to a thousand things.”

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